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Commercial Blasting

Complete planning, design, and management of commercial blasting services are provided. That includes providing site blasting for new projects. Our team works with you to overcome all limitations including geographical complications, challenging space limitations, and precise outcomes. Whether you are building a new space or need to create trenches for a new project, we can help ensure superior service and outstanding results. We work with all types of commercial applications meeting local code restrictions and providing on-time service. We also handle all hazard analysis protocols to ensure safe blasts from start to finish. From building resorts on mountains to marine projects, we have done it all with outstanding results.
blasting rock in a quarry

Quarry Blasting

From the development and planning of a new site to the rock blasting to get the quarry open, Capital Rock Drilling & Blasting provides comprehensive support. We use industry-leading equipment to ensure the best outcome. Our blasting services for coal and other products can develop rock quarries of all sizes. These are designed for the specific aggregates you’re after. Blasting a 10,000 to 1 million ton production pit for your project is no problem for our team and equipment. Let us plan, design, and execute (as well as maintain) your quarry needs for years to come.
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Site Blasting

Our site blasting services are fully versatile to meet any project needs. That includes working on your dry land or marine project. We handle municipality blasting, rock, and highway blasting services, and provide energy project blasting using the most up-to-date and modern equipment to ensure precise results. Our team provides full-service results – handling the design and planning of the project, surveying, and the execution, and then the management and maintenance of the system, ensuring your project is effective. Getting through even the densest of materials is no problem for our team. We’ll move your project forward in no time.

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Ski Mountains / Resorts

Building a resort nestled on top of a mountain requires the use of highly trained and experienced blasters to ensure safety for years to come. Capital Rock Drilling & Blasting offers that through our ski mountain and resort project experience. You can trust us to handle seismic concerns. We plan and design projects with our clients to ensure the best use of available land and the most safety possible even in dangerous and complex locations. This includes developing rock anchors for the ski industry’s needs. We are the drilling and blasting team needed for exceptional results.

Construction Site


Capital Rock Drilling & Blasting can help homeowners to create their dream home no matter where it is located. Rock doesn’t have to get in the way of your home-building dream. Our team can help with the site planning and design, whether it’s for a deep foundation, inground pool, or creating a home on the side of a mountain. Our team uses precise equipment for both new projects and extensions of existing projects to ensure outstanding results in a safety-first environment. No matter the depth of the rock under your dream site, we’ll carve out the ideal home for your goals and needs.

Hoe Ramming

Hoe ramming is designed to pound rock using a heavy-duty pneumatic hammer. This is placed on the end of an articulated arm on a digger machine, excavator, tractor, or other equipment. It’s designed to have low frequency and high amplitude vibrations. The result is that it does not affect the concrete in the area, as long as the concrete has adequate strength. Used in construction and demolition projects, hoe ramming is a common specialized process that can help with various aspects of the rock blasting process. It can be used in construction projects, roadways, and numerous other special projects.
construction site on a hillside

Green Energy

Green energy or renewable energy has become one of the most sought-after solutions today. Capital Rock Drilling & Blasting can help with the entire process including surveying and designing plans for projects. We can handle the pre-drilling of pilot holes for planning needs. We can also help with the drilling of holes into deep, hard surface material for solar panel installation. Our clients work with us for geothermal project development as well. We use equipment and methods that are safe for the environment while providing exacting solutions to meet even the most complex of needs. Turn to us for help in the oil and gas industry as well.

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The growth and development of cities mean carving out new spaces that meet the needs of the community. Our team offers a range of municipality blasting solutions including for roadways, sewer systems, drainage systems, waterways, and much more. Our expertise includes managing existing structures as well as developing new systems. We work closely with city architects to design and execute solutions including those in difficult locations and tighter quarters. We can handle utility trenches of any size and shape, construction projects, or planning for the expansion of residential and commercial development.

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Our proven expertise and quality equipment can handle any task and development, ensuring full satisfaction with our services. With years of experience in the construction industry, we take pride in our work and superior customer service.

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