Capital Rock has a proven record of excellence in the

Construction Industry


We provide complete drilling services including marine drilling and pre-drilling of pilot holes for planning needs. We can also help with drilling into deep, hard surface material for a variety of applications.


Our site blasting services are fully versatile to meet any project needs. That includes working on your dry land or marine project. We handle municipality blasting, rock, and highway blasting services, and use the most up-to-date and modern equipment to ensure precise results.


Used in construction and demolition projects, hoe ramming is a common specialized process that can help with various aspects of the rock blasting process. It can be used in construction projects, roadways, and many other special projects.

Capital Rock by the Numbers

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Effective planning is crucial to the successful completion of any project.

Our proven expertise and quality equipment can handle any task and development, ensuring full satisfaction with our services. With years of experience in the construction industry, we take pride in our work and superior customer service.

From highway expansions to backyard pool installations,

We offer a variety of rock removal.

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